Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sundays and Children

My sister has been 'up north' with us for a week now after her surgery. The surgery went very well though it was slightly more complicated than what we or the doctor had hoped. Her recovery has gone very well so far feeling little pain and walking quite well after the incisions started to heal. It's been very nice to have her up here with us as we don't get to see her as often as we'd like or should. She wasn't feeling well enough to go with me to the Irish pub this past week where Lunasa was doing a show for only 100 people. My niece went in her stead and we had a great time listening to music, hooting and hollering for the band, listening to their stories and being distracted from the stress of a bad economy and high jobless rate. It was time very well spent and the pints were good too.

Our plans with the kids at work this morning were to go off campus to church. Three of eight boys went. Last week we took the boys to an Easter service in the local town and it not only went very well but all enjoyed themselves and the time there very much. All had mentioned they would like to go back again if we could so it was arranged to be able to go off campus to this church on a weekly basis.

This morning started out fine. The boys were doing what was expected of them and were quiet and getting ready for the day. Beds were made, breakfast was ready, boys were dressed and washed up and it looked like things were going my way. I was looking forward to going to church with the boys this morning. At breakfast things began to take a steady turn for the worse. One boy especially was beginning to act out, swearing, being very defiant, calling staff some very filthy names and screaming as loudly as he could. My heart sank knowing this would not work out this moring as I'd hoped. By the time this boy was back in his room and following directions again four of the boys decided they were not going to go to church after they had woken up and been excited for it. So here I sit, Sunday morning again, missing church with 5 boys who admittedly are occupying thier time well but wishing we were all together at the service. I know there's a lesson here but I can't figure it out. It's not something as simple as 'the best laid plans of mice and men'. I know that one and had hoped that somehow I would have been able to come out on top of that one. Alas, there are forces beyond me. I'm not able to fix the problems these boys have arrived with. I am not able to convince them that church is a good idea and a good thing. Even though all of them thought it was this morning when they woke up. Something happened and I have to ask what my role in that was. Could it be that I didn't present church as an option? Because I did. I asked everyone individually if they would like to go to church this morning and said I would like it very much if they did. All said yes at one point. But I somehow think it became an idea that it wasn't an option but that a few of the boys would make it an option again and prove that by opting out. Actually the one boy really acted out and has continued to do so.

So here I sit with Sunday morning and children staring me in the face wondering what I'm going to do to fill the time. Part of me wants to fume and grump about it all day. Honestly, all of me wants to do that and hold it against the boys but I'm going to have to figure out a way to rise above that and make today as good as it can be.


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