Saturday, January 23, 2010

Driving home last night I received a phone call from my Doctor's office. His nurse quickly stated that my tests all turned out fine and that they wanted me to stop the aspirin regiment that I had been on at his request. I will not have to start with cholesterol reducing medications and I should be fine. That is a huge relief and I do give credit for this to our God who I have asked for healing and I know others have as well. The issue that brought me to the doctor in the first place was very real and frightening. Four things need to happen. I must lost weight. I must eat better.  I must exercise more. I must give thanks for the health that I have and take care of it better.

I don't know where this all leaves me to be honest. The job search continues, that's for certain. A co-worker's doctor told him that working in the kind of culture that we do at the Village can take 8 years off a healthy person's life. I believe that to be true. My doctor and my specialist BOTH mentioned separately how stressful working with abuse/neglect/delinquent teenagers is and how it's not a healthy occupation for the adults. I know someone has got to do it and that we are never placed in a situation that is beyond who we are, but I also believe it's important not to ignore signs, messages. The message seems clear and it is not pointing to staying where I am currently.

My brother and I watched "The Book of Eli" the other night and both really enjoyed it. Denzel Washington was terrific in it. His character believes he had been Spoken to and has a mission that he must follow through no matter how difficult or impossible the circumstances. We are never given more than what we can do. The story is full of societal and religion concepts to talk about after. And it rings true, in many ways accurate in it's depiction of what a world turned upside down could look like. It's a bit overwhelming but well worth the visit.

I would like to have the faith to follow through on what I'm asked to do. The clear understanding of my purpose, not necessarily knowing the means to that end. And faith. Without it, I am nothing.


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