Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today we spent the day celebrating the birthdays in the month of January in our family. That means that today was my and Jackie's (my nephew's wife) day to be celebrated. Days like this are great days because it's all about family and getting together, putting aside differences and just enjoying each other. Somehow we've learned to put aside any grudges and play games, enjoy a really good meal and spend time together as family.

This is a concept that is foreign to many people. I realize just how fortunate we are to be able to do this. It's nearly sickening how well we get along. At least to those on the outside looking in who have become so cynical as to consider these times we get together freakish, weird, or just simply nothing that would ever happen with their family.

It's really quite sad to know that many families NEVER are able to enjoy these times together. It reminds of a BBC tv series called 'Mulberry'. The main character is Death's son and is being prepared to take over when it's time for his dad to be finished. His first assignment is an elderly woman whom he becomes quite fond of and shows her ways to enjoy living, even with a family that she doesn't care for and would rather have little to nothing to do with. Of course the dilemma is that Mulberry never follows through on what he's supposed to do, which is transition to old woman to her afterlife. Instead he's teaching her how to enjoy life and live it fully.

To my understanding the program lasted only two seasons and I've watched both. I'm not certain as to it's popularity as the series doesn't seem to have an end. Season two ended with nothing tied up and as if it were being prepared for another season.

The important bit of that though is that none of us knows what's really around the bend so it's best to live and make the very best of every opportunity. Even when it's difficult or seems nearly impossible.

There are family that are extremely important to me. There are friends who are also extremely important to me. It's my hope they understand just how much they've given me just being available and sharing of their time and themselves. I'm grateful for every moment.


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