Friday, March 04, 2011

Skunks gnawing on dry cat food, dead opossums, moles getting chased through the snow by outdoor cats. These are things that have been happening for the past three weeks that make me really hope that winter is done and over with sooner rather than later. And I'm hoping this icy snow that we had counts as the Lion beginning to the month of March so we can have Lamb weather until (shudder) next winter.
I can't complain, and I won't, because I'm working. I've got a home. I've got clothing and food. I can, and am, work(ing) on my health. Things seem to matter again: how others are treated, how responsible I am with what I have, how what I have can and does effect others, how it all effects me, what do I really need, what can I and maybe should I do without, why when I feel so distant from the Creator do I go to Him so often with requests, with thanks, with question, with concerns, with appreciation, how can I live so that the Wonder is always on display, and why do I mostly fail to do so? Do I spend too much time trying to figure this stuff out and wind up getting little to nothing done?


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